Ro-Astarte (ro_astarte) wrote in exisle_expats,

LV is my hero.

I confess, I've been checking in on AQG from time to time. Particularly as I saw some of the trollier than thou members of TK start making little pointed comments about EI and referring to going over there.

EI's been handling them beautifully, imo.

But I have to pay a special salute to this entry from LV.

And I'll edit to add in that there's no effort that I'm aware of for EIers to PC-ize TK in a systematic fashion. There have been rumors for a long time that there is a systematic effort of a small faction of TKers is trying to troll us here. So if there is any backlash where you see TK becoming more warm and muzzy, well, whose fault was that? One ought to inspect one's own eyes for motes before looking to the beam in others (so to speak.) Let freedom ring.


Dude, you RAWK!!!!!!!!!
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Seconded on both fronts.

Huge kudos to everyone over on EI who's managing to greet the stupidheads with boundless enthusiastic hearty goodwill. It's the best troll-hex there is!

And LV remains a shiny voice of good lucid reason. If EI is to survive, it'll do so on the backs of the likes of LV and Cait and CH - and, of course, the perpetually forbearing Rov.
*Bows humbly*
Thank you both. And I agree fully with Rivier that it's Cait, CH, Rov, Nikki, and everyone who makes EI so special, just as the mix here makes reading LJ a joy.


Turning a little post about nudity into a post about group sex in front of children is what isn't cool, you idiot.